Inline Mini aluminum profile-Transparent

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1m. slim alu LED profile

40 på lager

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Inline Mini aluminum profile for LED strips with a maximum width of 10mm. The profile is made of high quality anodized aluminum and has a length of 1 meter. The product can be mounted to a groove or to the appropriately designed aperture or other mounting surface. The depth of the mounting hole is 6x14mm + total length of the profile. Profile looks very discreet and elegant after installation. Ideal for both furniture, kitchens and ceilings. Available in two options: – transparent cover – characterized in that transmits more light – milky – gives a softer, blurred light, while blocking approx. 10% of the light End caps can be purchased seperately and be mounted at the end of the profile to give it a neat finish and protection from dust. Profile are sold without LED strips (strips can be purchased separately in our shop).


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